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Flower Delivery Bogor - Send Florist Flowers to Bogor

Fresh Flowers for Relatives
Express the feeling of happiness for their achievement through the flower of Flower Chimp! Talking about Bogor certainly can not be separated from the place of recreation, culinary, and also its natural beauty. One of them is the Bogor Botanical Garden which has many collection of beautiful and unique plants such as the giant carcass flower. Flower carcass or also known as bung Rafflesia is the main attraction of visitors Bogor Botanical Garden, especially when this rare flower blooms.
At the beginning of 2014, the rare Flower Rafflesia Patma re-blooms perfectly in the Bogor Botanical Garden, this flower has five pink petals. There are other features such as Rafflesia flowers have no roots, no leaf, and the size of the flower diameter between 25-30cm.
In addition to the carcass flower Rafflesia Patma, in the Technical Implementation Unit Botanical Gardens Conservation Center Cibodas Indonesian Institute of Sciences (UPT BKT Botanical Gardens Cibodas LIPI) has also been blooming the highest carrion flower with a height reached 3735 meters.
Looking for Cheap Flower Bouquet in Bogor City
Bogor earned the nickname as a rainy city because the dry season is fairly short and sometimes in the dry season the rain is still down. The rain in Bogor often causes the city to be cool and has a suitable climate for agriculture as well as cultivating crops.
In Bogor there is a famous public university named IPB (Bogor Agricultural University), this university is one of the leading universities in Indonesia which of course has the number of student numbers quite a lot. During the graduation season, many people flocked to find a bouquet of cheap and beautiful flowers to be given as a graduation gift. For those of you who live in Bogor you can order a cheap bouquet of flowers online at FlowerChimp.
Fresh Flower Bouquet Good Quality
Perhaps you often hear the phrase "There is a Price, There is Quality" or "Price Indeed Can not Lie". That is, if the price of goods is cheap of course the quality you get is not equal to the goods are pegged with high prices. But the phrase does not apply in FlowerChimp! You will get a satisfactory quality despite paying a friendly price in the pocket.
Price of Flower Bouquet in Bogor 
FlowerChimp understands that in Bogor there are several universities and there are certainly many students who live there. Therefore, FlowerChimp set a "friendly" price in the pockets of the students and students so that the bouquet of flowers that we provide not only can be purchased by those who already work but also by students who want to give a graduation gift for his best friend, or students who want to surprise year for friends as well as his girlfriend. Do not be afraid you eat instant noodles at the end of the month for buying a bouquet of flowers at FlowerChimp.
Same-day shipping is also provided if you order flowers at FlowerChimp. No need to tire around the city of Bogor from north to south to find a handful of flowers. Simply sit back, activate the internet package or find free WiFi and order your favorite bouquet of flowers right now. In addition to saving time, of course also save money on gasoline, hayo flower shop where the excess much like FlowerChimp this?
Online Bogor Flower Delivery on Same Day
Do not break your precious moments with a bouquet of flowers that do not go till or late from the scheduled schedule. At FlowerChimp we offer flower delivery in Bogor on the same day when you order. Message of your choice of flowers before 12 noon and bouquet of flowers will be sent on the same day. With FlowerChimp, guaranteed surprises you have prepared will not be in vain. Let's know the areas in Bogor that are included in our delivery area.