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Flower Delivery North Jakarta - Send Florist Flowers to North Jakarta

Giving flowers to your loved ones is a very moving gesture. Use flowers for an event, from corporate events to weddings, to give a beautiful decor around it. Finding a florist is definitely a priority for you.

In the city of North Jakarta, florists offering delivery services are already quite popular. Flower Chimp is a trusted florist offering the most beautiful and fresh flower delivery to our customers located in North Jakarta and all over Indonesia. This city is one of the Flower Chimp service areas.
About North Jakarta
North Jakarta is one of Jakarta's 5 cities. North Jakarta is located in the entire coastal area of Jakarta Capital Special Region. In North Jakarta, the Ciliwung estuary is the former main port of Tarumanegara Kingdom, which later developed into Jakarta. The city has a population of up to 1,645,312 people in 2010, its government city centered in Tanjung Priuk. North Jakarta is surrounded by the Java Sea to the north, Bekasi in the East, Central Jakarta, East Jakarta and West Jakarta in the South, and Tangerang on the side West.
North Jakarta city consists of natural mangrove forest owned by Jakarta. Along with the development of this city, some forests are built into urban areas. However, the replanting of these forests has been intensified and is targeted to be completed by 2012. The main objective of the project is to reduce abrasion in the coastal areas, especially in the Pantah Indah Kapuk area.
In addition, the city also has some famous amusement parks in Indonesia, such as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol and Waterbom Jakarta. Many of Jakarta's historical sites and artifacts can be found in this city, such as the VOC Shipyard, Maritime Museum, and Sunda Kelapa Harbor.
Send Flowers to North Jakarta
In addition, many residents of the city of North Jakarta are in accordance with your request. The wide range of flower options makes it easy for customers to decide and get their favorite roses or lilies in bouquet to send to someone or to an event, using a reliable delivery service that can even reach the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.
Official events will be very good if served with a flower stand from us. These booths show the beauty of the company. Customers can also request the interest they order to modify. All they need to do is just call us by phone, Whatsapp or email us with the specifications they want, and interest will be delivered on demand.
Order flowers online today
The complete service we offer at Flower Chimp is a reliable choice for everyone. You can easily get the bouquet of flowers or the series you want delivered to the location you want in North Jakarta.
Our delivery schedule can be adjusted with the time and date you want. Special requests for your order can be delivered through our customer service, our online platform, and even email though. Customers can also