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Flower Delivery Makassar - Send florist flowers to Makassar

Giving flowers to your loved ones is a very moving gesture. Use flowers for an event, from corporate events to weddings, to give a beautiful decor around it. Finding a florist is definitely a priority for you.

In the city of Makassar, florists that offer delivery services are already quite popular. Flower Chimp is a trusted florist offering the most beautiful and fresh flower delivery to our customers around Makassar and all over Indonesia. This city is one of the Flower Chimp service areas.
About Makassar, Indonesia
As the 8th largest city in Indonesia, Makassar is the capital of South Sulawesi province. The city has a population of over 1.3 million in 2013, and more than 2.4 million people are located in the metropolitan area (commonly called "Mamminasata"). The city is approximately 200 square kilometers in size with 1,150 square kilometers of metro.
Makassar has a rich culture and history that is well documented using written texts since the 13th century. Sulawesi is the most powerful force in the spice exchange movement even since the period before colonization, and became the main bridge for Indonesia in the spice exchange at 16th century. The advantage of early economic growth in the island makes this city as one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia.
Currently, the port in Makassar is a major port for Sulawesi due to the dense domestic and international waterways there. This waterway service is one of the biggest contributors to their economy.
The city also has a proud place of entertainment like Fort Rotterdam and Trans Studio Makassar - which is the 3rd largest indoor theme park in the world.
Send flowers to Makassar
In addition, many inhabitants of Makassar need flower delivery because it is easier than going to the florist itself. With online booking system from Flower Chimp, Makassar and its surrounding residents can easily order flowers through the website and interest will be delivered to the address addressed by the customer.
Our expert team will arrange the flowers you ordered according to your request. The wide range of flower options makes it easy for customers to decide and get their favorite roses or lilies in bouquet to send to someone or to an event, using a reliable delivery service that can even reach the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.
Official events will be very good if served with a flower stand from us. These booths show the beauty of the company. Customers can also request the interest they order to modify. All they need to do is just call us by phone, Whatsapp or email us with the specifications they want, and interest will be delivered on demand
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The complete service we offer at Flower Chimp, Jakarta is a reliable choice for everyone. You can easily get a bouquet of flowers or the series you want delivered to the location you want in Makassar and surrounding areas.