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Flower Delivery North Jakarta - Send Florist Flowers to Jakarta Utara

Online Flower Shop in Pantai Indah Kapuk Area, North Jakarta

Though somewhat distant from everywhere, Pantai Indah Kapuk is a beautiful area as it is full of its own entertainment centers like Pantai Indah Kapuk Waterboom and dining places lined the streets.
Give Special Flower Bouquet Through Flower Chimp Indonesia Online Flower Shop
Bouquet of fresh flowers is certainly more special than ordinary plastic flowers. Now Flower Chimp provides online flower delivery services and services to Pantai Indah Kapuk area, North Jakarta. You no longer need to come all the way to South Jakarta or Central Jakarta to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With Flower Chimp, the flower of your dream bouquet will be delivered safely in front of your house.
Flower Chimp online flower shop offers a variety of fresh bouquets for a variety of events such as the following:
  • Anniversay Celebration: The anniversary anniversary of a marriage relationship is the best time to order a bouquet of flowers. Try sending a bouquet of roses that can inspire the romantic spirit of your relationship.
  • Birthday celebration: Sending a bouquet of flowers during one's birthday celebration has always been the most awaited and a pleasant surprise.
  • Burial and Bela Sungkawa: Although a funeral will never be a fun time, but when you send a flower of sorrow to your relatives or business associates, you show them that you care deeply.
  • Birth Gifts: Welcoming the birth of a child to the world is a very exciting event, especially for the child's parents. Celebrate birth of new members in the family by sending a gift of a bouquet of flowers to show your joy.
The flowers we provide are not as roses or lily, you can find other types of flowers are very diverse as sunflowers, tulips, gerbera flowers, daisy flowers, baby's breath flowers and others. Of course our bouquet of flowers really strung from the hands of experts to produce a beautiful bouquet and give happiness to anyone who receives it.
We also understand you want the best price for a beautiful high quality bouquet. One of our missions is to provide the best service to get customer satisfaction even if you make online transactions through our website. Do not worry, on the Flower Chimp website we'll make sure you pay only what you see. We guarantee that at Flower Chimp there is no additional or hidden price during check out process or when will make payment.
Order Delivery Flower Bouquet at Pantai Indah Kapuk
Well one of the good news that we provide is now you can buy a bouquet of flowers online without dizzy thinking of postage. No need to worry about the congestion of Pantai Indah Kapuk area that makes you lazy to move out of the house, with one touch through your smartphone screen, we will ensure the delivery of the bouquet of flowers up in front of the house with the address stated that you provide. Obviously, you do not need to provide additional cost of delivery bouquet of flowers to your home!
Types of Flower Bouquet Suitable for Gift
Fresh and beautiful flower arrangements as a gift is one of the special gifts for anyone who receives it. Maybe you often find it difficult when looking for a flower arrangement that you will give to your loved ones. But did you know that different types of flowers, then different meanings stored in it? Here are some types of flowers along with the meanings you can give to your loved ones. Of course these types of flowers you can get online at Flower Chimp website.
  • Roses: Rose is one of the special flowers that can convey a lot of meaning in accordance with the color it has. If you intend to give a bouquet of flowers as a gift to your partner, then a bouquet of roses is the right choice. The rose can convey a gentle feeling and high passionate love. Roses do symbolize true love, strong desire, and loyalty in relationships
  • Daisy Flower: Daisy flowers symbolize a happy, warm and positive feeling. The series of daisy bouquet can be used as a birthday gift for a friendship. Daisy flowers are a symbol of beauty that has the meaning of tenderness and honesty. Of course if you want to give a special gift for your friends, a fresh bouquet of daisy flowers can be an option.